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 Tom Fritz

 David Uhl
 Scott Jacobs
 David Mann


Fine art
for the motorcycle enthusiast

About the Artists

Tom Fritz

Considered to be one of the finest artists of the motorsport experience, Tom's rich colors and controlled looseness captured in his paintings offer a unique interpretation of the relationship between man and machine. Vivid childhood recollections of the racing and hot rodding cultures prevalent in Southern California during the 60's and early 70's are a part of the power that shaped the artist he has become. His brushwork is a celebration of those memories, showing a sense of life, and enthusiasm for his art, and intimacy with his subject.

David Uhl

As early as the age of three David began creating drawings that stunned his family and friends. His talent lead him to eventually form Uhl Studios, an award winning illustration firm that counted several Fortune 500 companies among it's clients. His officially licensed Harley-Davidson apparel art became a top seller. In 1998 he embraced his passion to become a fine artist. David's mastery of oil painting and his creative use of light and shadow endow his paintings of the romantic early era of motorcycles with a life all their own.

David Mann

David Mann is the Norman Rockwell of the biker world. He has lived the lifestyle from Kansas to Florida to Los Angeles, and through his art he has rendered the fun, fascination, trials and romance of bikerdom on the centerspreads of Easyriders magazine - the most widely circulated motorcycle magazine in existence - for 16 years. His touch, talent, and appeal have set trends and created a following around the world. The son of artist Paul Mann, a member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators of London, David Mann was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1940. David first began pencil-sketching cars while in high school, working under the rhythmic influences of rock ‘n’ roll, the Beach Boys, and images of the Pacific: white sandy beaches, bikini-clad ladies, palm trees, and flashy custom cars and hot rods. His sketches garnered him his first job, pinstriping cars for Doug Thompson and Ray Hetrick’s custom car shop in Kansas City. The lure of the west coast proved to strong, though, and after graduation, David and best friend Al Burnett left Kansas City in a candy apply red and pearl white customized Chevy coupe and drove to Santa Monica, California, to the tunes of Jerry Lee Lewis.

Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs' work is remarkable for its photo realistic excellence. His work is owned by celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Willie G. Davidson, Lorenzo Lamas, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, John Elway, and Karl Malone.

Depending on the size, each of Scott's paintings usually takes more than one hundred hours to complete. Much of the work is done with a brush that is so small, it is like using a pencil point. He has found this to be the only way to render the necessary detail which allows the work to earn the title "Photo-Realistic". He uses both acrylic and oil mediums on canvas, masonite and other surfaces. Jacobs also uses many photographs of a subject, taken from all angles to achieve the depth in his paintings.

Licensed by Harley Davidson, Scott's motorcycle work has been featured in VQ magazine, American Iron, Art Business News, Easy Rider Magazine, Forbes newspapers and a host of other national publications, making Jacobs one of the very few of today's most sought after artists. His work sells throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

His work has been shown at the annual Art Expos in New York and Los Angeles, galleries throughout the world and currently hangs in museums. Scott has elevated motorcycle art to an unprecedented level.


1337 Pottstown Pike
West Chester, PA 19380


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